Fundamental Knowledge.
Practical Results.

Our fundamental knowledge of the science and chemistry of plastics is what makes Container Science a unique consulting firm in the plastic packaging industry. We have decades of experience translating that fundamental scientific knowledge into innovative and practical solutions for the industry. Through this combination of knowledge and experience, we help our clients improve the performance, quality and economics of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other plastic container materials.


Services We Provide

Consulting Services:
Container Science, Inc. is widely recognized for the scientific rigor which we apply toward solving issues and driving innovation in the plastic packaging industry.

Computer Modeling Services:
Container Science, Inc. is the developer of powerful computational models based upon scientific first principles, including M-RULEĀ® permeation prediction models, decontamination modeling for recyclers, and specialized economic models.

Technology Development Services:
Container Science, Inc. provides critical insights and fundamental scientific knowledge to help select business partners achieve commercial success through innovation, development and implementation of breakthrough technologies.

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